Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Flowers and Lucky You

We've all enjoyed the deep inhalation of a flowers scent. Most of us close our eyes and breath deeply inward, hinting of the depth of "inner enjoyment" and the power of such earthly perfume.

Guess what? The Essential Oils of any plant are considered the most powerful part of plants. Knowing this, we offer Essential Oils Therapy Massage!

You get to pick from our floral selection.....3 of your favorite 100% plant derived essential oils!

Let the plants perform their magic on Lucky You!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Queens of Irreverence and Calm

There they are, together enjoying a gorgeous spring day on the front porch. Seemingly, pictures tell us so much, but the truth is, those two remained enemies their entire lives except for that one miraculous day they decided to retract their kitty claws and awful hissing and finally Make Peace!

I’ll never forget that extraordinary day. “Get the camera”, I yelled out to my husband. Captured for all time those two beauties just sat quietly for hours, Baby Girl in her soft gray coat with “white eyeliner makeup” and Cleo, a queen for all time in her royal calico fuzziness.

We all have issue with someone. That special person who offers us opportunity for transcending those darker thoughts and feelings, the stuff that prevents us from enjoying each and every miraculous day!

Massage Therapy is an amazing invention for soothing our tired bodies and minds, initiating possibilities for renewal for ourselves and the world, one person at a time.

Hey, if you read this blog, award yourself 10% off your next massage booking. You deserve it!!

Offer Good till July 5, 2011